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A Bankart Repair is a surgical procedure done to stabilize the shoulder for the repair of recurrent shoulder dislocations. The shoulder joint is highly susceptible to dislocation following severe trauma as a result of excessive force being applied to the arm. When the humeral head (ball) is forced out of the glenoid (socket), the supporting ligaments of the shoulder joint may be torn. The majority of shoulder dislocations involve the front of the shoulder (anterior dislocation). This condition is referred to as a Bankart lesion or traumatic shoulder instability. In some cases, these ligaments may heal and the shoulder may regain its stability. However, patients who have dislocated their shoulder and have recurrent episodes of shoulder instability (dislocation or subluxation) and pain may greatly benefit from shoulder stabilization surgery.

Obtaining the patient’s history (mechanism of injury), doing a thorough physical examination of the shoulder, and obtaining diagnostic imaging tests including x-ray and MRI scan are all important tools to diagnose a Bankart lesion. The physical examination may reveal that the ball easily slips out the socket. X-rays may also reveal damage to the ball and socket, and/or the ball may appear dislocated out of the socket. MRI scan of the shoulder may provide further detailed imaging of the extent of damage inside the shoulder joint. All of these diagnostic tools are very important in preparation for surgery.

Wisconsin Orthopaedic Surgeon Performs Bankart Repair

A Bankart Repair surgery is most commonly done as an all-arthroscopic repair (visualized using a camera and video monitor; performed using small surgical instruments through very small incisions). In some cases surgery may need to be done using open surgical techniques. It is done under general anesthesia.

Surgery is done as an outpatient procedure (you are able to go home the same day). There are always risks and benefits of surgery, and there are never any 100% guarantees regarding the outcome of surgery. The surgeon’s goal is to minimize the risks and help guide you to the best path of recovery. Rehabilitation is very important after surgery. Initially, during the first 3-4 weeks after surgery your arm will be immobilized in a sling to allow early healing of your shoulder.

After the initial period of rest, physical therapy and a home exercise program will help you gradually regain shoulder motion, improve strength, and restore shoulder function. Complete recovery time may take several months or sometimes even up to a year. The majority of patients notice significant improvements by 4 to 6 months after surgery. Most patients report significantly less pain, increased shoulder motion, strength, stability and overall function after recovering from a Bankart repair.

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