Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Has a Proud and Powerful Heritage

Worker's Compensation WisconsinThe State of Wisconsin has been a leading force for workers’ rights when they suffer job-related illnesses. Our State’s track record has been outstanding for over a hundred years.

Today’s rights cannot be beat if you have a work-related injury or illness. You have the right to select the doctor. You have final say in your treatment. Many injured workers prefer the effective and professional treatment provided by Milwaukee orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Ted Gertel, the Wisconsin Work Injury Doctor. His ground-breaking treatments are minimally invasive surgical procedures which are widely respected throughout the medical profession.

If a Wisconsin worker was injured before 1911, all he could do was sue his employer in civil court. He had to prove the employer was negligent, which was often very difficult. Employers had three defenses which were almost insurmountable. The employer would claim the employee was also negligent, the employee knew the dangers and risks, or a different employee caused the injury. It was virtually impossible for workers to win in civil court. However, when a rare victory occurred, there was no limit on the damages.

Things were changing. As early as 1905, Wisconsin courts began returning more favorable verdicts to injured workers. It was a growing trend. Employers started getting nervous. Many employers became more open to the idea of avoiding civil litigation. They slowly came to agree a worker's compensation program was needed.

In 1911, Wisconsin passed the Workmen's Compensation Act. It is essentially a "no-fault" system. The injured worker no longer had to prove employer negligence, and the employer's three common law defenses are eliminated. The goal of the law was to assure prompt compensation to injured workers. Benefits were limited to certain lost wages, medical costs, disability payments, and some retraining. Employer liability was limited. The law was revolutionary. Its impact was immediate. Wisconsin’s legislation was widely recognized as ground-breaking. Coverage was universal, with only a few exceptions.

In subsequent years, the law has been changed often, but its prime values grew even stronger.

Today, your rights as an injured Wisconsin employee are substantial and absolute. You have ready access to the very finest orthopaedic surgery and treatments. Minimally invasive surgery at Wisconsin Work Injury Doctor will effectively deal with your problem but also cause the least disruption of muscle to assure an even faster recovery. Non-invasive treatments are similarly effective.

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