Work Injury Doctor in Milwaukee Helps You Overcome Ankle Injury

Ankle Work Injuries Don’t Happen Just to Athletes

Ankle physician WisconsinMany people think ankle injuries only happen to athletes. While it’s true they are far too common in sports competition, you don’t have to be playing in a game to injure your ankle. There’s always a chance you might turn you’re ankle and sprain it. Even merely walking on uneven ground can cause a painful ankle sprain.

Ankle sprains, Achilles tendon ruptures, and fractures are the most common ankle injuries. Sometimes the fractures involve bones and ligaments.

Painful Ankle Injury Types

Ankle injuries usually involve tendons, ligaments, or bones. Three bones come together in the ankle, held at the ankle joint by ligaments. These ligaments keep the bones stable during normal motions.

A fracture is when one or more of the bones are broken. A sprain is when ligaments are stretched beyond their normal range of motion. A ligament sprain consists of tiny tears all the way to complete rupture. A strain is damage to muscles and tendons, again from being over-stretched.

Two tendons in the ankle are often strained. Called peroneal tendons, they are key to stabilizing and protecting your ankle. They can become inflamed if traumatized (tendinitis). Ankle injuries happen when the ankle joint is twisted beyond normal motion. This can be caused by anything which forces the foot and ankle into an unnatural position.

Much of the time, ankle injuries happen from falling or jumping with an awkward landing. Other causes can be as simple as taking a walk on uneven ground or as complex as being involved in a car accident. Whatever the exact case, undergoing a twisting or rotation of your ankle – or simply “rolling” the ankle – can be a very painful injury.

Why Ankle Pain Treatment Is Effective

Dr. Gertel, your work injury doctor, may recommend keeping weight off of your ankle as it heals. You will be taught to properly use a walker or crutches. Almost all ankle sprains heal with proper home treatment and rehabilitation. Orthopaedic surgery is considered if there is a severe problem like a fracture or an Achilles tendon tear.

Always remember, it is very important to see a professional work injury physician. The consequences of something not healing right equate to worse injury and loss of benefits. Identifying the source of your ankle pain early on results in the best possible outcome for the health of your joint as well as your livelihood.

For a prompt examination, contact the Milwaukee ankle injury specialist, Dr. Ted Gertel.
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