Milwaukee Work Injury Doctor Treats You Exactly Like a World-Class Athlete…Really!

Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Ted Gertel Makes You Feel Like the VIP You Are!

When you walk in to see board certified orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Ted Gertel, with a work-related injury, you instantly become a Very Important Person (VIP).

Under Wisconsin law, you have the right to choose any doctor licensed to practice in Wisconsin. You do not have to accept the clinic recommended by your employer or insurance company. The choice of doctor and the choice of treatment are yours alone. If you don’t like the first doctor, then you have the right to choose a second doctor.

Reasons to Bring Your Work Injury to Workers' Comp Doctor, Ted Gertel

If the law offers you these fine protections and benefits, why not select one of Wisconsin’s finest work injury practices? There are many reasons to do so.

  1. Wisconsin Work Injury Doctor treats you the same as he would a famous athlete. Other clinics claim to do this. But they fall far short. Ted Gertel. MD, and Richard Wesley, his Certified Physician Assistant, generously apply a sports medicine approach to each worker’s compensation injury. Extremely well-qualified, both men are on the sideline at every home game of the Marquette University Golden Eagle basketball team. Dr. Gertel is also Team Physician for the Homestead High School Football Team (2008 Wisconsin State Champions). He previously served as Head Team Physician for an MLB franchise and an A-League soccer organization.
  2. Milwaukee orthopaedic surgeon handles everything with precision. Often worker’s comp cases get buried in bureaucratic paperwork. Delays and complications are a common occurrence. Dr. Ted Gertel is meticulous when it comes to medical reporting, keeping extremely thorough and detailed medical reports. He leaves nothing to chance and nothing to question. His impeccable record-keeping is reflective of the medical care he will provide for you. With over 20 years of experience in the work injury profession, Dr. Ted Gertel makes sure every aspect of your case – every visit, every test, every procedure, and all follow-up – will be handled at the highest level of professionalism.
  3. Wisconsin surgeon makes you feel like the “VIP” you are. Dr. Gertel does not waste your valuable time. Appointments are scheduled quickly within a week, not several weeks from now as is often the case at other clinics. He maintains a tight daily schedule so patients don’t have to sit for long periods of time in the waiting room. If X-rays are needed, they are done right in the office. If more extensive tests are needed such as an MRI, they will be scheduled immediately. If surgery is required, it will be done at your earliest convenience. Your condition is important to us. We know you’re hurting and don’t want you to experience discomfort any longer than absolutely necessary.
  4. Work injury doctor is highly respected throughout Milwaukee. When you come see the Wisconsin Work Injury Doctor and his staff for treatment regarding your joint pain cause, you’ll be in good company. All types of people throughout the region come see us for treatment – professional and collegiate athletes, firefighters, police officers, construction workers, office workers, and warehouse workers. They are all responsible, hard-working people just like you. All they want to do is get back into the game – the employment game. Dr. Gertel helps them achieve their goal with prompt, professional and effective treatment. His expertise in minimally invasive surgical procedures helps shorten recovery times, restoring patients more quickly to health.

You don’t want to delay your recovery. So don’t delay making an appointment as soon as possible to see Dr. Ted Gertel and his staff.

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