Work Injury Doctor Deals Effectively with Milwaukee Elbow Injuries

Elbow Injuries are No Laughing Matter for Wisconsin Workers

Elbow Injury ClinicHurting your elbow isn’t funny. People laugh about hitting their “funny bone,” but work-related elbow injuries can be extremely serious. It isn’t like being a little sore after playing softball, touch football, or tennis. Your injured elbow now is downright painful. Maybe you’re experiencing numbness, tingling, swelling, or poor range of motion. Normally, you can just work through such problems. This injury, though, seems different.

Don’t wait too long. If your elbow is painful, and you are confused about the joint pain cause, it’s usually the result of an injury of some sort. You may not have suffered a terrible accident at work. Perhaps a lengthy continuation of the same daily activity has caused a repetitive motion injury. These can happen just by basic repeat motions.

Elbow Work Injury Factors

The range of elbow injuries varies widely in intensity and damage. Tendons could be torn, stretched, or otherwise damaged. A work injury joint sprain could damage the ligaments. A strain might damage muscles. Another possible elbow injury involves muscle tears or even ruptures in your biceps or triceps. Of course, bones could be broken. Dislocation is a possibility in the elbow joint itself.

Elbow pain could indicate a serious injury which normally requires surgery, physical therapy, or rehabilitation. Your elbow injury specialist will accurately diagnose your elbow injury and recommend sound procedures to assure your recovery.

Contact the elbow injury specialist Dr. Ted Gertel, for a complete elbow examination.
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