Achilles Tendon Injury (Heel Cord)

Achilles Tendon DoctorAchilles tendon injury is usually caused by overload/overuse which can cause Achilles tendinitis, tearing and/or tendinosis. This tendon is commonly injured. The injured tendon can become very painful, tender, and swollen. If severe, this injury can cause the tendon to partially tear or completely rupture. It is one of the longer tendons in the body, stretching from the calf muscles to the heel bone, making it crucial for us to protect. If you have a ruptured tendon in Wisconsin, WWIDR will treat your injury before it gets worse.

Common Causes of Injury

People who engage in high impact loading sports, such as running and jumping related sports activities, are at risk of overload and/or overuse of the Achilles tendon.

Workers who do a lot of ladder climbing, stair climbing, or other repetitive or heavy activities that frequently apply increased stress on the Achilles tendon are at risk of injury.

In some cases, Achilles Tendon Repair is a surgical procedure which might be necessary.

Symptoms of Achilles Tendon Injury

If you think you have incurred an Achilles tendon injury, you commonly will be feeling pain in the back of your ankle or heel. It may be tender, bruised or swollen. You may have felt or heard a pop, if the tendon has torn or completely ruptured. Walking may be very painful and difficult. Your ability to work may be significantly limited due to an Achilles tendon injury. Do not hesitate to get treatment.

Contact Wisconsin’s work injury doctor for your accurate Achilles tendon injury diagnosis.
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