Milwaukee MRI DoctorMRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging. A MRI scan is an important diagnostic imaging tool frequently obtained after an injury. A MRI scan uses a magnetic field and radio waves to provide detailed images of the area of injury or anatomical site. It is very useful to help provide the severity of the injury and most accurate diagnosis. You are not exposed to radiation during a MRI scan. Except, if an arthrogram procedure is done prior to the MRI scan, you are exposed to some radiation.

Commonly an MRI arthrogram is obtained to get more detailed MRI images. An MRI arthrogram is done in 2 steps. The first step is the arthrogram procedure. During the arthrogram, a radiologist performs a fluoroscopic guided injection of contrast dye into the affected joint. Then the MRI scan follows to complete the 2 step process. A fluoroscope provides live x-ray imaging. It is used for a short period of time as the radiologist injects the contrast dye into the affected joint. If there are concerns of a rotator cuff tear and/or labral tear, then Dr. Gertel will likely recommend an MRI arthrogram. The findings from this diagnostic test will guide your treatment and may help determine if surgery is necessary (potential surgical procedures include rotator cuff repair, labral repair, and Achilles tendon repair, among others).

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A common question is, "How bad is my injury and will I need a MRI scan?" When you schedule an appointment with the Wisconsin Work Injury Doctor, Dr. Gertel will provide the most accurate diagnosis of the injury and will determine if a MRI scan is necessary.

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